Recap News: The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 6: Alcohol + Stress + Multiple Girls = Crying


I know I skipped last week. I had to watch a recorded version on Tuesday, and figured by then, the recaps had all gone out. So instead I’ll do quick recap of last week, (just who went home etc). So last week’s rose ceremony saw Sarah and Astrid go home. I don’t remember much about Astrid, but I loved Sarah, she was cute, personable, and quirky. I definitely see her coming back for paradise. People want her to be the bachelorette, but I have a feeling it will be one of the ladies who was left after this week’s episode.


Last week, there was a one-on-one, a group date and a two-on-one. I’m not going to go into much detail about it all, but what is most important was the two-on one. Taylor and Corrine of course were on this date. Nick took them out to the bayou where they met with Voodoo specialists and had their cards read. Long story short they each got their time with Nick while the other had their “very accurate” cards read. Corinne had first dibs on Nick and told him about the things Taylor had said, at least how she interpreted it. When it was Taylor’s turn, Nick brought it up and Taylor went into defense mode. They come back to the table, Nick decides to give Corinne the rose and leaves Taylor in the Bayou. That’s not what Taylor wants and we see her leaving and approaching the building that Nick and Corinne are having their dinner in. Episode 5 ends.


The episode picks up with Taylor approaching the two saying that Corinne lied and she needs to talk to Nick. Corinne is pissed because it’s her one-on-one time. Nick leaves for a short amount of time, Taylor pleads her case and says that Corinne is not right and a liar, and everything else she thinks of, but Nick doesn’t budge he tells her that he’s appreciative and sees that she cares for him, but he doesn’t feel the same way and can’t lead her on more. Taylor leaves, Corinne and Nick finish their date and we’re on to the next day.

The girls are at their hotel dressed up and ready for their cocktail party, ready to talk to Nick and get the time they need, but they don’t get it. Nick has decided he doesn’t need to talk to anyone and already knows what he has to do. The girls are shocked and worried. They want to be able to change his mind. Now I had thought going home were Jasmine, Josephine and Jaimi, I was almost right. The difference was that he kept Jasmine and sent Alexis home as well. I guess this is the week that all the super quirky and weird girls, and the ones who aren’t as cookie cutter go home.

After the rose ceremony we have 9 girls left. Raven, Jasmine, Danielle L. (D-Lo), Danielle M, Vanessa, Corinne, Rachel, Kristina, and Whitney. Boy were we in for an episode. There were tears lef, right and centre. Seriously we couldn’t get through a date without tears. Looks like the first season where the stress actually showed on camera.

After the rose ceremony, Nick tells the girls that they are all off to St. Thomas. I was kind of jealous, until I saw that they had grey skies and wind gusts. Not so impressed. Then I remembered, I’m in Canada in the middle of a snow and ice storm. I’d rather be in St. Thomas in cloudy/cooler weather than freezing up here. Leading up to meeting Nick and getting to the island, Jasmine starts unravelling (read: is becoming and whiney little bitch). Complaining left right and centre that she’s not getting the validation she feels she deserves, that she feels like she’s not noticed by Nick when she walks in a room (and dammit she is always noticed) and just seems super pissy, forgetting that there are other girls and some relationships move faster than others, especially when they have real (read: forced by producers) conversations, rather than just making out with him.

When they get to the beautiful island that all the girls are raving about (I’m sure producer pushed), Nick takes Kristina on the first date of the week. It’s a one-on-one. Jasmine bursts into tears complaining that it’s not fair and that it should have been her. She hasn’t had a group date rose, or a one-on-one. Shut up! Grow up, if the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders saw how prissy and entitled and not “America’s Sweetheart” you were acting they’d tell you to remove any titles you have on your social channels. Back to Nick and Kristina. They take a seaplane to a mountainside and just talk and stare into each other’s eyes. Kristina talks about her family, siblings, and that she has a sister in Russia, but has no clue because she was adopted and doesn’t really speak to her sister in Russia. Nick asks her more about her childhood and she breaks down and opens up about the rough childhood she had. Her family was poor, she was 6, they had no food, she would eat lipstick sometimes and because she at during the day she was kicked out of her house by her mother and forced to live in an orphanage. The girls in the orphanage were her family, and when she was 13 she was given the choice to live and “black and white” life where she’d probably be forced into prostitution or she could go to America and live a colourful life where she could be and do whatever she wanted. So she chose to go with the American step parents. Nick is amazed by her traumatic story and gives her the rose. Of course they both cried because it was so heart wrenching and horrible to think of. (1/9 girls have already cried this episode I’m keeping a counter).

Next up is the group date. 6 girls are chosen to go, which means UH OH! Another two-on-one date is coming up. The group date goes to Raven, Corinne, Vanessa, Jasmine, Danielle M and Rachel, meaning that D.Lo and Whitney (I honestly kept forgetting her name and who she was the entire episode) got the two on one.

Nick thought it would be fun to day drink and add some healthy competition to the date with some beach volleyball. I’m sure all the girls ended up syncing their periods because you added the alcohol and the competition and they all got at each other’s throats. They didn’t understand why he didn’t want to actually spend the time talking with them. He was watching them play 3-on-3 beach volleyball. Corinne kept leaving to take breaks and drink more, Nick would follow and try and get her back which frustrated the girls. The game never ended. 4 of the 6 girls went to their own corners and broke down and started crying. They were: Vanessa, Danielle M, Corinne (who also took a nap) and Jasmine. Rachel just looked frustrated and Raven was tired of everyone else’s bullshit and just wanted to keep playing the game. Nick had conversations with all the girls and they all let their frustrations out on him crying and just letting him know how they felt. Raven ended up with the group date rose, probably because she was the only one who wasn’t crazy and he remembered her attacking her ex bf story from 2 weeks ago.  Cry count 5/9

The meat of this date happens when Nick and Jasmine have their one-on-one time. She complains that he doesn’t notice her. That she’s catching feelings for him and wants him to feel the same. She’s so frustrated that she wants to choke him, slap him around, straddle him and choke him. It starts getting really sexual. Something tells me she’s not used to going so long without sex, because the entire conversation goes really sexual, but kinky sexual and Nick looks super concerned. I know I said before that the DCC should disassociate with her earlier, but this was the real moment they should have looked at her and said, “honey remove all association from your socials. This is not the girl we raised you to be.” Anyways, needless to say, Nick asked her to leave. Crazy right? Her, not the situation.


The date ends, and a new day arrives. D.Lo and (seriously could not remember at this point who else was going on the date) Whitney get in a helicopter with Nick and are taken to a “private island” (sand bar with rocks and trees) for a fun in the sun (clouds) date. They have their conversations, both super boring. I got caught up in other conversations it was so boring. Oh yeah this is why I never remember Whitney, and she admits she’s falling in love with him in a last ditch attempt to win him over, but he asks her leave. The girls back at the hotel are shocked when they see her suitcase leave. But she pleads and asks if he seriously sees himself with D.Lo in the end making him think. Nick and D.Lo leave, but Nick still has the rose. It hasn’t been given out. Cry count 7/9

After the helicopter ride, Nick and D.Lo go through these catacomb type things and Nick could not look any more disinterested. A big departure from their last on-on-one. They sit down to dinner and she starts talking and doing that nervous laugh thing that is super annoying. She talks about how much she appreciates their connection and what they have and how awesome they are together, and he won’t look her in the eye. Looks like she’s going home too. She says “I’m falling in love with you” and he looks away and just says I’m sorry and tells her it’s not fair and he wanted it to be her. He wanted her to be the one he fell in love with but it’s just not her. Ouch! That burns. Anyways she is walked out and sent home and her suitcase is taken, surprising the girls back at the hotel. OH MY GOD! Two girls were sent home on a two-on-one? Has that ever happened before? Cry count 8/9. (seriously was Raven the only one not on her period?)

After the disastrous date. No rose handed out. Nick returns to the hotel and has the remaining six girls sit down and talks with them. He goes on about how he’s afraid he’s not going to find the girl of his dreams here. He wants to, but he’s now sent a couple of girls home that he thought he could have feelings for but he felt differently than they did. He cries again which makes the cry count 9/10 I guess? I swear he cried on all the dates today, is he having his man period? He tells them he needs to think and just says goodnight and leaves.


Wow. What an ending. The trailer eludes to Corinne visiting him to “lift his spirits” if you catch my drift. They get some private off camera time. I don’t think any girls are going home next week (since he sent 3 packing over the course of the week.)

My predictions for the final 4 are: Rachel, Raven, Daniell M. and Corinne. Although if he sleeps with Corinne next episode he may not have to keep her around until the fantasy suite, so it could be Vanessa. I hate to say it, but I don’t think Kristina has much time left on the show.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Who do you think the front runners are? Who are your top 2? Let me know in the comments!


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