Recap News: The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 7: THEY DID WHAT????


, but I want to actually recap the episode before I get to the “historic announcement” that was leaked around 9:00pm EST last night (an hour before the show was slated to end to remind you).

nick thinking.jpg

Last week we left off with Nick telling the girls that he didn’t think he could do this. He didn’t want to get hurt again. He was afraid he wouldn’t find who he was looking for yadda yadda. This week they fade in with him walking out, then the next morning he’s sitting with Chris Harrison, who of course gives him this big pep talk and lo-and-behold, he’s much better and ready to talk to the girls again.

He goes back to the girls’ hotel room, after they’ve all been crying and freaking out, and talks to them. He says he was wrong about what he said last night, and that sending Danielle L. home just freaked him out a bit and made it very real for him. He told them that they are going to skip the stress of the cocktail party and the rose ceremony. (EDIT: duh! He sent 3 girls home last week, of course there’s no rose ceremony). The girls are ecstatic and rush off to pack their bags because they’re off to Bimini. (To be completely honest, I had to look up where this was because I had no clue. It’s in the Bahamas BTW).

They get to Bimini, go through their whole shpeal of “wow how beautiful is this place” etc promoting the place they’re staying. In comes in the first date card. The name on the card is Vanessa. She gets a one-on-one. They go for a beautiful yacht ride. Talk about how beautiful everything is and their relationship. Vanessa admits that she’s falling in love with Nick, and Nick responds “I really like you. A lot.” Vanessa is pissed off. She thinks that it’s unfair of him to not say it back and that she thought she was different. Nick just freaking explained that he wants it to be special and it to be like the first time he’s ever saying it. So I interpret that as “I’m going to say I love you only to the girl I propose to on this show so I don’t give off any “leading on” signals” Still Vanessa, like the actress she is….oh yeah she’s an aspiring actress she has an imdb page and everything …gets upset that he won’t give her the validation she thinks she deserves. FYI no roses on one-on-ones this week.

Before Vanessa gets back from her date, the girls read the next date card. The names are Corinne (who is already upset she hasn’t actually had a one-on-one yet), Kristina, and Raven. So they start to get ready for the next day. Vanessa returns, and really this is the last we see of her for the episode.


The group date begins. This is the date with the only date rose this week. So whoever gets the rose is certain that they will get a hometown date. The girls yet again go for a yacht trip. As soon as they get on the boat, Corinne decides to do a “subtle” striptease and strips down to her bikini in an attempt to claim Nick’s attention. Not to be outdone, Kristina does the same, because she’s tired of Corinne’s bullshit. Nick diverts most of his attention to Kristina. Raven funny enough is just sitting there watching everything play out with a level head and laughing at everything. Eventually the boat stops, and Nick tells the girls that they will be swimming with sharks. Both Kristina and Corinne get freaked out and look like they don’t want to even get near the water and Raven is laughing and looking excited. They cut away to Raven’s confessional. She talks about how the other two are babies and she hopes they get eaten by the sharks. She even goes as far as to say if a shark gets near her she’ll punch it in the nose while the other girls are getting eaten alive. This girl cracks me up!

While swimming, it gets to be too much for Kristina, so she rushes back to the boat (very much a Corinne move) and Nick follows her. Corinne and Raven get upset as the story normally goes. After they finish their swims with the sharks, they go for their cocktail hour. All the girls mention that they are falling for him. They have strong feelings etc etc. Corinne feels much better after their talk. She was worried that Kristina got all the attention. At the end of the date, Raven gets the rose. I feel like this proves that the girl who is herself and doesn’t try too hard tends to get the roses from Nick. I don’t know though.

The next date card goes to Danielle M. You know, the neonatal nurse? My friends always forget which one she is. I think she’s adorable and super cute. Anyways this date I found super awkward. Nick was trying to steer the conversation a certain way, and Danielle didn’t want to talk about those things so she wouldn’t really respond. In the end Nick wasn’t pleased with their difficult communication, so he sent her home.


After the girls find out that Danielle was sent home, Corinne freaks out. She gets all dolled up and “sneaks out” to Nick’s hotel. She wants to seduce him and make him fall in love with her. As she says “My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum.” Cringe worthy yes, but hilarious. Anyways she gets into his room, they pop a bottle of champagne, and start making out. She takes him to the bedroom, tells him what she likes, two hands always touching and a soft massaging motion. Then you hear an unzip, and Nick quickly tells her no, that he wants to take things slow. He explains in his confessional he doesn’t want to make the same mistake that he did with Kaitlyn. Corinne leaves with her tail between her legs, upset that she couldn’t bed Nick.

The final date is with Rachel. All they do is go to a local bar with no tourists. They talk about hometowns, how her father is old fashioned, and they’d be surprised, but not upset with her bringing a white boy home. The bartender there is right up there with Jorge from Paradise. Can they have the two of them in paradise next?

Rachel returns to the house, and the girls are talking about needing to get ready for the cocktail party. What they need to do to impress Nick so they can stay. Corinne is telling Raven about how it is essentially between her and Kristina, because he sent Danielle home on the one-on-one, but not Rachel or Vanessa. In walks Nick asking to speak to Kristina in private. Corinne freaks out wanting to know what it means. If he just needs extra time with her to make his decision for the rose, if she’s going home or what is happening. Nick and Kristina talk, and he sends her home. He admits he has a lot of love for her, but their relationship isn’t strong enough or as strong as the others. Nick walks Kristina back in and the episode ends.

Is that all that happens? Is that everyone who is going home? No clue. I didn’t understand the preview for next week.

Anyways the big historic announcement was that Rachel is our next Bachelorette.  I’m super happy about this. I think she’s awesome, but I’m not happy about them already telling us. ABC has been making a lot of mistakes with their announcements. I’m not sure what they’re thinking, but they’re spoiling seasons for all of us. First they tell us that Nick is the next Bachelor, while he’s in a relationship and still in Paradise. Could they not have waited a week or two to tell us? And now, a week or perhaps even two to tell us? Either she goes home at the rose ceremony before hometowns, or she goes home right after hometowns, or she goes home after the fantasy suite. There is no way she makes it to the final 2, because that would give the finale away wouldn’t it? So now they’ve spoiled next week’s episode and everyone will be wondering when she’s leaving. ABC if you’re reading this, please stop spoiling episodes. Wait until the person has left the show they’re on before announcing them as the next Bachelor or Bachelorette. Please?


So with all this news, who is in your top 2? What do you think of Rachel as the next Bachelorette? I believe there’s only 2 more episodes left. I can’t believe it. We have to wait until May before the next season, which I’m sure is filming now, airs.

See you next week!


4 thoughts on “Recap News: The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 7: THEY DID WHAT????

  1. Danielle Pieroni says:

    Great recap! I definitely have mixed feelings about Rachel being the Bachelorette. One reason is definitely because they announced it way too early. And I realllly hope she doesn’t make the final two so I can actually enjoy the finale. I hope Vanessa wins and Raven is second.

    Sidenote, I love that they are finally being diverse, but I really hope they are not just having Rachel as Bachelorette BECAUSE she is black, ya know?


    • thebonafidebabes says:

      I think Rachel is well rounded. She’s eloquent, she’s beautiful, she’s quirky enough and has a good head on her shoulders. I feel like that may have been the deciding factor depending on who she was up against though.


  2. Zarrin Alam says:

    This is a great recap! I haven’t watched the episode yet, but Nick is definitely pissing me off. I think the girls are a bit too good for him at this point as well (Corinne is basically there for some drama).

    Rachel seems to be most level-headed among the rest and also pretty fun! As long as the pool of guys is great, we shall have a better season than this one.

    Liked by 1 person

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