Valentine’s Day…. What a bunch of Bullshit.


By the title of this I bet you all think that I didn’t have a date yesterday; that I’m bitter and single; that I hate all things that remind me of love. To be completely honest, no I’m in a happily committed relationship. Living with the love of my life (and no it’s not a dog, but an actual human man.) I just don’t get Valentine’s Day.

I’m sure you’re all nursing your hangovers. Whether it be from champagne, wine, chocolate or rich food, I’m sure there’s something keeping you from doing your work right now. Please just give me 5 minutes and I’ll explain exactly why I don’t care for this holiday.

It’s a day that is meant to celebrate the martyr St. Valentine, who died because he married people while it was illegal. So yes the day revolves around love and romance, but it is just so god damn commercialized. I love holidays. I love Christmas, my birthday, Halloween, Easter, you name it, I’m all over it. Valentine’s Day however gets my goat. I get frustrated because you’re expected to go out for dinner, but if you do so, you NEED a reservation, and you NEED to make it over a month in advance if you want to go somewhere good. If you do go out for dinner, most restaurants have a set menu, so they can overcharge you on food, and make you over indulge and 90% of the time the stuff you really want off the menu isn’t included.

If you don’t go for dinner then it’s a day that is meant to force you to surprise your SO with some big extravagant gesture. A day that makes you “renew your love” for your SO yadda yadda. Guys go out of their way to buy chocolates and flowers and jewelry. What do girls do? Typically they buy themselves lingerie or some form of a sex toy to use together because there’s no real “romantic gift” you can buy a guy so it goes back to sex. Literally, the bestie messaged me today asking what I got my man, and what I’ve gotten past bfs. I said I got my SO nothing except a card, (I’m a sucker for cards) and in the past all I’ve done really is offer him sex, and sexy lingerie, I think I got an ex some chocolate once.

Now you’re probably thinking, but hey! Valentine’s Day is all about the girl and spoiling her. I believe that both parties should be equal at all times. My belief is that you should aim to make every day special with your SO and not have to wait for one or two days a year to treat them like royalty.

The only good thing about Valentine’s Day is the next day. Chocolate goes on sale for 50% off and you can celebrate Galentine’s day with all your friends like you did as a kid!


What do you think of Valentine’s Day? Feel free to disagree, I just don’t get all the hype.


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