Health and Fitness: Just do it!


No this isn’t a Nike promo, or commercial. I’m just saying when it comes to your own health and fitness stop putting it off. Stop saying I’ll start tomorrow or I’ll start Monday. Start today. It’s as easy as looking at what you’re eating and cutting the crap. You don’t need so much processed junk. Tell yourself if it had a life it can go in my body. All fruits and vegetables were living once, so were dried grains, and then focus on healthy fat content in your food. Lean proteins are your friends. (chicken/turkey, fish, eggs). So are almost all fruits and veg. Cut the added sugar out of your diet, and the extra processed foods. Can’t live without dairy? Focus on eating Greek Yogurt, but don’t buy anything flavoured. Instead buy frozen fruit (no sugar added), microwave it, and put that in your yogurt with some chia seeds and perhaps some flax seed as well.

Seriously though to get a handle on your healthy eating it’s super simple. You don’t even have to focus on calories in – calories out, macros and all those “complicated fitness meal terms” at first. All you  have to do is focus on the following”

  • Limit your alcohol (have one maybe two drinks a week and avoid sugary drinks or beer)
  • Stop buying pre-packaged/processed food
  • Stop adding sugar to everything (cinnamon is a great flavour additive for coffee)
  • Limit your dairy (you get calcium from dark leafy green vegetables)
  • Do the outer U at your grocery store and limit the amount you go through the centre aisles.

When doing your groceries visit these parts of your grocery store

  • Produce section: fruits and veggies
  • Meat Section: Buy all your meat fresh, and unseasoned
  • The dairy/egg fridge: focus on plain Greek yogurt and Eggs (whole is just as good as just the whites)
  • Bakery: (buy whole grain breads and flat breads)
  • When you do visit the middle aisles/grocery aisles do it for the following: (typically they are items you don’t need to buy every week)
    • Condiments: mustard and hot sauce are some of the best condiments to get
    • Chia seeds
    • Flax seeds
    • Oats
    • Frozen fruits or veg
    • Canned/jarred foods (that don’t have additives other than water)

Once you get used to eating this way, then you can focus on playing with macronutrients, meal planning, and “diet plans”. Before you can do these you need to change your mindset. It’s not about starting a diet, but changing your lifestyle. You do not need to go out and eat every week. You do not need to buy lunch with your coworkers every day. Just focus on spending time eating mindfully and focusing on the quality of foods your putting into your body.

When it comes to personal fitness it’s the exact same thing. Start now. Just do it. The exceptions are if you don’t have the proper attire (shoes mostly). You don’t need the most sophisticate apparel out there, or the greatest shoes to start. So run to Walmart, buy some shoes, and get to the gym or buy some workout videos. Get yourself moving. It can be as easy as planning yourself a 60 minute walk after dinner 4 times a week. From there you can change it to every night, perhaps you turn it into a 30 minute run. You’re getting your body acquainted with exercise and being active and that’s the best start. But start today, start tonight. Do something about it now. Stop procrastinating.

Do you want to build muscle, can’t afford a personal trainer and you don’t know how to start? Join a gym and do a class. Buy some workout dvds and do those workouts religiously, or even better, find a blog that has home workouts listed, perhaps this one in the future, or find a youtube channel that has workouts you can easily follow from the comfort of your own home. Whatever you choose to do just get up today and start moving! Stop resolving to be better, stop saying I’m planning today, so I’ll start Monday, no make the change now, and start tonight. Nothing is going to change until you just do it! It’s the same as the food. You need to make it a habit. I know first-hand how hard it is to start working out and continuing to go at first. The pain can be unbearable, you’re tired, you find any excuse in the book. But once you turn it into a habit, you’ll feel strange not going when it’s supposed to be scheduled.


Simply put, make the change now, don’t wait to do it. If you wait, you’ll never do it.



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