What is a Bonafide Babe?

Now babes, you’re all probable wondering? What in the hell does this actually mean? Well I’m going to be annoying and start with the official dictionary definitions, because why the hell not?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary:


For babe, we definitely want to sit with the secondary term. We are going more informal the literal.

So if you look at this we are looking at our definition meaning someone who is genuine and real. They are true to themselves.

Why you ask is this important? Well no one like fake bitches, yeah they may be fun to keep around to party, laugh and gossip with, but you know for a fact that they’re doing the same thing with everyone else and you will probably be their topic. You can still be as fun as those fake bitches, but you can be honest with everyone about you intentions. Be proud of yourself and don’t take shit from anyone. You’re awesome in yourself and what you should be doing.

So for us a Bonafide Babe, is someone who is so real, upfront and doesn’t take shit from anyone. They’re confident and even when life is getting them down they know how to make themselves feel awesome at any time. Everyone needs help with this at some point in their life, which is why you should be surrounding yourself with other babes who live their lives the same way. This is probably why you’ve come to us. You want someone who can give it to you straight, no bull shit, no beating around the bush. That’s what we’re perfect at. We can tell you when we think you’re being unreasonable, or even when we think that you should ditch the people around you.

Over our journey together you’ll see a variety of topics, from fashion choices for different points in your life, styling tips, makeup, to decorating, life goals, product reviews, and self-help issues. Some of it will be self-therapeutic, and to be perfectly honest some will be advertorial. When it comes to any products we advertise, it will be products we stand behind 100%. We will not bullshit you on things we do not believe in. Hell anything we get sent for free, will we always give 100% true reviews. All our photos will be our own, you have no need to worry that we are advertising just to sell you on something you don’t need.


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