Who are we? Just two girls living their lives as Bonafide Babes.

What is a bonafide babe? A girl who has it all together, someone genuine and real. Our goal is to share with you the best tips and tricks to living your life as a Bonafide Babe. We want you to show the real you and the best you. Don’t think we will take it easy on you. We are no-nonsense babes who tell it to you like it is.

So who are we? Read on to get some insight into our lives.




I am a marketing professional, currently working hard to work my way up in my career. I have struggled in the past to find permanent work, but I’ve learnt a lot about what employers are looking for and how to adjust my personality to the company based on the feel of their website and social media for an interview. I am blunt and honest, and don’t believe in sugar coating things. Some people can’t handle it, but I believe that if you’re asking for help, you should accept what I’m telling you. I have spent most of my life dancing, and I love being active, whether through cheerleading, yoga, or lifting at the gym. I love trying new things and seeing what works the best for me. I’m a lover of style, makeup and hair care. I also love TV and discovering the best in all the tv shows.

Our friendship

We met in 2012, as first year promo girls for our local NHL team. We quickly realized how well we got on, from our brutal honesty to our love for all things crazy. Our lives developed quickly together. Whenever we had a crazy story the other one was part of that story 9 times out of 10. We’re each other’s Blair or Serena from the Gossip Girl persona. We both have crazy pieces of our lives, but we always find time and ways to support each other. We may be different, but we love each other and will never bull shit the other person. Our conversations could end up shocking people but we don’t care. Often we’ve said that we should have cameras following us around and to have our own reality TV show.


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